SQL Server Expertise and Training


The focus of this site is sharing knowledge and experience with SQL Server, especially on performance. Jared is developing online courses complete with walk-through lessons and examples, and I am available for consultation and mentoring.

This blog will cover various topics around optimizing SQL Server. Let me help you advance on your journey with SQL Server.



Jared Poche

Founder, SQL Server Database Engineer

Founded by Jared Poché in 2019, a database engineer and administrator with 20 years of industry experience with SQL Server, and a 10 year veteran of Microsoft CSS. Jared has spoken at multiple SQL Saturday and PASS Summit events, has experience as both a tech lead and an teacher, and is currently optimizing database performance for a multinational e-commerce company.


My perspective on Performance


Performance was a topic that grabbed my interest as a new engineer at Microsoft, and it remains my primary focus now. Most performance issues issues can be resolved by understanding how indexes work, knowing how to configure a server, and writing good queries. The ability to gather data from SQL Server is also key; we need to be able to identify the root cause of our problems as soon as possible.

SQL Server 2019 has added new capabilities we should all be familiar with. There are improvements in performance from memory grant feedback, delayed compilation for table variables, and TempDB contention reduction. There are also new in-memory options, and new platform choices including Azure SQL Database Edge. This is a great time to invest in updating your knowledge of SQL Server.